5 Things I Want To Help You With

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Worthwhile Miles exists to help you focus on and strengthen your family. I strongly believe that families are God-given. Everything we learn begins in the home. As parents, we want to create a home where everyone feels safe and loved. We strive to create an environment where our children can learn and grow and reach their potential.

My goal is to help you make each day count. Here’s how I plan to do just that…

1. Center your home on the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today’s world feels a little scary and uncertain, especially when you think about raising your kids! Their childhood seems so different than your childhood was I’m sure. Thankfully, the gospel of Christ is a never-changing, constant truth. Make him the foundation of your spiritual home. Even though challenges will still come your way, you will have a laid a foundation for success.

I want to help you make teaching your children about Christ a regular habit. Even something you do off the cuff without even realizing! And not just teach about Christ, but make gospel living your family’s primary focus. I promise, when you put God first in your life, your family will thrive!

2. Simplify your life.

Make time for what matters most. We live in such a funny world today. For some reason, we pride ourselves on our busy schedules. This is completely unnecessary stress in your life! Not to mention, it distracts us from what really matters! It is the small and simple things that impact our lives the most. The tricky part is those small things sometimes feel like they’re empty and meaningless. They aren’t!

Ever feel like you work all day with not much to show for it at the end of the day? Sigh…but let’s think about what you’re really accomplishing…

  • Mealtime! Our kids are learning to prepare healthy meals and that taking care of our bodies is important.
  • Nighttime routine. We value time with each of our children as we read them stories and have one-on-one time with them. And we show them the importance of prayer and that they can pray when we say nighttime prayers.

Small and simple things! Don’t let the crazy of life interrupt the small and simple!

3. Strengthen family relationships

Strong families take work! Each individual relationship in your family is precious. I hope to help you focus on ways you can strengthen and improve each and every relationship in your home. Parent-child, siblings, and especially your relationship with your spouse!

So often our spouse gets the back burner because the kiddos require more of our time and attention. Don’t forget that your family began with just you and your spouse! I want to help you find simple ways to nurture your relationship daily.

4. Discover the many ways to have fun together!

Did you know having fun together is one of the best ways to strengthen your family?! Think about your favorite memories as a child. A lot of times the best memories come from routine activities and family traditions. Or maybe from a family trip you took together?

Family fun is a major focus here at Worthwhile Miles! I hope to share with you new ideas for family traditions, family night activities, and even fun trips you can take with your kids. But I also hope that you’ll share your ideas and what is working in your home! Don’t hesitate to leave comments on posts and share your triumphs and struggles. I want this to be a community where we help each other along this journey!

5. Provide weekly encouragement

Being a parent is a tough job. This past year I’ve been working full-time and I definitely consider my role at home the tougher job of the two!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the mundane routine sometimes. My mission is to be right there to help you remember the big picture and to remind you that YOU ARE DOING AMAZING THINGS! You need to know that and believe it. So I’ll be here to constantly remind you. 🙂 You can plan on seeing a new post and email from me weekly if you subscribe to my newsletter!


This life is meant to be a time for learning and growth. Your family is a gift from God. Remember, there are lessons in this life that cannot be learned without your family. It is through your spouse and children, the ups and downs, the sorrows and tender mercies…that teach us and make us more Christlike.

The point is…you were NEVER meant to be alone through this journey! Make every moment count. Make every mile Worthwhile!