About Me

Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here!

I’m Stacy! Christian mom of 6 awesome kids and wife to one cool guy! And I couldn’t be happier to be on this crazy journey called life with YOU!  

My family
My babe is missing! She’s only weeks old, so it’s time for another family photo! 🙂

Let’s be real for a minute, shall we? I’m a real person, with real struggles just like you.  I might blog about family, but I don’t have the perfect family. I might talk about positive parenting and ways to end back talk and sibling rivalry. But the cold, hard truth is that my kids slip up and back talk sometimes.  They’re most definitely on the steep learning curve of figuring out conflict resolution. 

But every day is a new day.  And each new day is filled with choices.  Am I going to look at my children and see them the way the Savior sees them? Am I going to honor my sacred calling of motherhood and love these children fiercely through their imperfections? Am I going to “hold their hand” and walk with them through this journey called life? 

My answer?  A resounding “Yes!” 

Despite my imperfections, I love my family more than anything in this world.  I know God gave you and I our families to walk through the struggles and challenges of life that will mold us and shape us into a Christlike people. 

I will never lie to you and tell you I have it all figured out, because that will never be true! Ha!  But I think we are certainly stronger together and should help each other along the way.  For this reason, I dedicate Worthwhile Miles to my family and to yours!

My goal is to follow the Savior’s path, hand-in-hand with my family, and to be on that path when your family needs a hand. 

Here at Worthwhile Miles our focus is on this “journey” we call life.  The very purpose of life is to become more like our Savior.  God gave us families to help us achieve just that! 

Making time for family and strengthening your relationships with them doesn’t just make this journey better…it makes it worthwhile!  

I’m so glad you’re here!  Join me for everything from Positive parenting tips, to faith building activities, to fun ideas for quality family time!

Stick Around and Here’s What You’ll Find!

  • Best parenting resources…for ALL ages and stages!
  • How to create quality family time, in spite of everyone’s busy schedule
  • Focus on strengthening your relationship with God, your spouse, and each of your children
  • Fun ways to teach your children valuable life lessons
  • Fun ideas for family nights
  • How to create a more unified family life!