Completely Transform Sundays by Creating a Sabbath Activity Basket

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Every child needs to be taught the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy. A Sabbath Activity Basket can be a great way for children to engage in activities that help them learn about the Sabbath and teach them how to keep it holy.

What is the Sabbath Day for?

The Sabbath Day is a symbolic reminder of our almighty Savior.  For example, the creation of the world, the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, and His resurrection.  It is a weekly reminder of our need for the Savior.

6 days God created the Earth and rested on the 7th.  He has likewise commanded us to honor the sabbath day and keep it a holy day.  It’s meant to be a day of rest.  It’s a day for us to remember who we are and our purpose on Earth.  It’s a day to focus on the Savior and to go about doing His work.  

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How do you teach Your Child About the Sabbath?

I have three tips to help you teach your children how to honor the Sabbath.

1. Remember that young children learn through play.

Spiritual concepts are considered abstract. Since children are very objective thinkers, the best way to learn spiritual truths is through experiences with objects and other people. Imaginative play, where they can be personally involved, is the best way to teach your children to honor the Sabbath day.

2. Focus on what you CAN do.

It’s best to focus on what you CAN do rather than what you can’t.  Think how excited you would be on the Sabbath as a kid if all you knew it was just the day you weren’t allowed to have fun.

Show your kids all the enjoyable activities they can and SHOULD do on the Sabbath; otherwise, your kids will come to dislike the Sabbath and focus on it as a day they can’t do certain things they typically enjoy doing. 

3. Use the scriptures to teach them doctrine.

Teach them about the Sabbath from the scriptures.  Help them understand the commandment and promise the Lord has given us if we obey His commandments.  Then show them how to make the Sabbath day a holy day through your own obedience and example.  

How do you make the Sabbath a delight?

It’s so easy to focus on what we CAN’T do on the Sabbath that we forget the very purpose of the Sabbath.  Teach your kids what the Sabbath is for and provide a variety of activities they can do.  Jump in and actively honor the Sabbath day right along with them!

Teach them it is a day of rest and a day for us to worship God.  It’s a peaceful and a holy day.

Intentionally choose to make the Sabbath a delight! Make it a day to remember who you are and focus on the Savior. Learn of Him, play music that teaches and testifies of Him, and go about doing good as the Savior would! The Sabbath should be a day of service!

With time, the experiences your child has on the Sabbath will teach them that the Sabbath day truly is a joyful, restful day.

Mom Tip: The key to teaching spiritual truths is consistency. You only fail when you give up!

Make the Sabbath Special for Your Kids and Create a Sabbath Day Activity Basket

Are you wanting to find uplifting activities for your kids to do on the Sabbath? Better yet, activities that teach them how to truly honor and keep the Sabbath day holy?

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite Sunday, kid-approved activities to share with you! So go find a good box, basket, or bin and pack it full with plenty of these fun activities! Your Sabbath Day Activity basket is an amazing tool that will help your children separate the Sabbath from other days of the week.  It’s such a great way to find joy in the Sabbath and helps focus on activities you can and should do on the Sabbath.

Mom Tip #1: Word to the wise…be sure to ONLY pull it out on Sundays. If they have access to it all week long, then it won’t necessarily be special or exciting when Sunday rolls around.

Mom Tip #2: I prefer using a bin since it comes with a lid and stows away nicely for easy storage during the week!

Mom Tip #3: If you have bigs and littles, you might want to consider creating two bins! One geared toward your tweens and teens, and one for ages 8 and under.

So let’s jump in!

Ultimate List of Sabbath Day activities for kids!

Here’s what to include in your sabbath day basket:

  • Coloring/activity pages and fresh new crayons/colored pencils (Psst! The dollar store sells bible coloring books!)
  • Bible stories (Listed below are some of our favorites)

The Beginner’s BIble

It’s All About Jesus Bible Storybook

Berenstain Bears Living Lights Series

Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible

Berenstain Bears Values and Virtues Treasury

We REALLY like Berenstain Bears around here! Seriously though, they do a great job introducing and teaching important values!

  • Sabbath Day Idea Jar

The jist of this idea is to grab a jar, write some fun and appropriate Sabbath day activities on a craft stick, and when your child is bored or looking for something to do, he can simply pull a stick out of the jar and complete the activity!

Wondering what to put in your jar? Service-oriented activities are always a great choice on the Sabbath! Throw in simple activities you are willing to help your kids with if needed.

Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Bake a treat for a neighbor or friend in need.
  • Perform a secret service for a family member.
  • Draw a picture to give to someone.
  • Write a thank you letter.
  • Write a letter to a grandparent to put in the mailbox.
  • Lego challenges are fun, too! i.e. Create a church building out of legos!

Chelsey from Mother’s Niche has some great Sabbath Day activity ideas. Jump over and download her free printable jar label and activities!

  • Thank you cards & Pens or some fun stationary
  • Journal & Pens (Gratitude journal, Big Life Journal, or a Devotional Coloring Book )
  • Scripture Reading Tracker
  • Puzzles from the life of Christ or Bible Stories
  • Legos! Nothing like a classic set of legos to keep your kids busily creating! I love this set! Building animals seems like the perfect way to reflect on the Creation and appreciate some of God’s creations! If you’re looking for a themed set, you might give the Nativity Bricks Nativity Set a try. Although it isn’t Lego brand, it’s still fun for the lego lovers!

  • Church magazines and pictures.  
  • Photo Albums and Scrapbooking supplies
  • Ancestor Interview questions (This is a great way for kids to learn more about their heritage and feel more connected to family.)
  • Bible Story Figurines has a great selection of toys! From Noah’s Ark, Jesus feeding the 5000, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, etc., etc.! Check out their fun selection of Christian toys!

Final Thoughts

Teaching your children to honor the Sabbath will give them an opportunity not only to understand the importance of the day, but also to create special memories with their families.

I hope you enjoy putting together a Sabbath Day Activity bin for your kids! You’re creating an amazing opportunity for them by providing activities for Sundays that are mindful of His holy day. Let’s encourage our children to make Sundays a time for spiritual reflection, worshiping God, thanking Him for all He has done, and spending quality time with their family.

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