Remodel Your Home: Building a Christ-Centered Home Mini-Course

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There has never been a more pressing time than now for us to create a Christ-centered home! Your home has so much potential to do good and bless the lives of all who live within its walls! Parents and children alike! Never underestimate the power of family! Creating a Christ-centered home is your greatest defense against the evils of this world.

Families are ordained of God. You know family is important. You know the only way to create a strong, unified family is to help them focus on Christ. But how? Where do you begin?

Over the next several posts, if you’ll stick with me, I want to walk you through what I like to think of as “Remodeling Your Home”. Let’s take the framework you already have in place, and tweak it so that it’s functioning at 110%!

Warning: This is going to take effort on your part! You’ll need to do the work prayerfully to make your home the beautiful masterpiece God intends for it to be!

Just so you have an idea where we’re headed…Here’s the line up!


You ready? Let’s get started!

Remodel Your Home Part 1: Blueprint

A blueprint is a plan or a model. So if you are going to design a Christ-centered home, the first thing you’re going to need is a blueprint!

So tell me, what does your dream home look like?

I can’t tell you what your dream home will look like…so how about I show you mine?

My dream home is a peaceful place, where disputes are handled well using calm, respectful voices.

I imagine my husband and all of my children regularly and consistently spending quality time together. Family dinner, family game night, family movie night, and family fun just because we love each other and ENJOY spending time together!

My dream home is a place where love abounds and because of that love, my children are able to come to know and love their Savior. We speak of Christ often in our home and pray, individually and as a family, to our God in heaven.

I hope for a home that when those difficult challenges and trials come, we come together to offer love and support as well as recognize the hand of God in our lives.

Now it’s your turn!

Get excited and don’t hold back! This blueprint you’re imagining isn’t just some daydream…it is EXACTLY what God intends for YOUR family to have!

So let’s get the blueprint juices flowing!

I’m going to throw some questions out there to help you nail your blueprint! Use these as a guide to help you with your “dream home ” AKA Family vision! Remember, you’ll get out of this exercise what you put in! The more thoughtful and thorough you are, the clearer your family vision will be!

  • What will your relationship with the Savior look like?
  • Will your children truly know and love their Savior?
  • What will your individual relationships with your spouse and each of your children look like 10 years from now?
  • What do you want your children to remember about their childhood?
  • In one or two words, 10 years from now, how will you describe your family?
  • What will your kids’ friends notice about your family? Is there something unique or different that sticks out?
  • How will your teenagers view family values and activities?
  • What traditions will you have created and shared together?
  • What activities will your children enjoy doing together?
  • How do you want your children to view family? As something sacred? or a nuisance?

So how did that go? I hope you wrote down your answers! Whether you did or didn’t…I’m still giving you some Homework! Mwa! You’ll thank me later!

Homework #1

Gather your family together and answer a handful of the questions listed above. Write down your answers!

Homework #2

Articulate your family mission statement!

It can be as simple as a favorite scripture!

Joshua 24:15 comes to my mind. “Choose you this day whom ye will serve…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Or how about Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord thy God with all thy heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

Give these verses some thought! I think they beautifully embody a common goal each member of the family is collectively striving toward.

Homework #3

Create a family vision board!

A family vision board is a great way to help you remember your goals. If you remember your goals, you’re much more likely to achieve them! So grab pictures from magazines and make a collage. Pick out paintings from the life of Christ to display. Include anything that embodies your family’s vision!

Psst! This is a great place to display your family mission statement!

Yes! I want you to put together something sooner rather than later… even if it’s sketched on a big poster board and duct-taped to your wall! In time, you can make it the central focus point of your home and it will be beautiful.

Pick a spot in your home where the family gathers often. Your family vision and mission statement is something you all need to remember! Add a family portrait, a painting of the Savior, your mission statement on canvas or use wall decal in elegant font, etc… Obviously I’m no interior designer, but can you see what I’m saying? You can hang framed images on the wall, use mounted shelves, or even a bookshelf. The key is to place it where it can’t be missed and turn it into a beautiful display!

Now For Some Goals!

Now that you have your family vision and mission statement, you need to create an action plan. After all, a blueprint isn’t just a dream, it’s a plan!

It’s time to set your goals!

What will you and your family do over the next 90 days to create your dream home?

Hear me out…If I want a beautiful lawn, I can dream about how green my grass is and nicely the edges are trimmed all. day. long! But just imagining my green grass won’t do anything unless I put in the effort. And looking at someone else’s greener grass isn’t going to get me anywhere either, if you know what I mean!

So just like my plan for green grass and a beautiful lawn will be to water, mow, trim the edges, get rid of the mushrooms…I need to break down my goal into actionable, bite-sized steps!

Homework #4

Pick one goal. Ask yourselves 1) What do you need to STOP doing? 2) What do you need to START doing?

We’ll talk more about goal-setting again soon, but for now I want you to remember a few things! And these are important, so Pay Attention!

  • You aren’t supposed to have everything already figured out! Your entire life is meant to be a wonderful journey chock full of learning opportunities. This is why I want you to only focus on a single goal at a time!
  • Creating healthy habits takes both effort and discipline. Remove temptations from your home that make it easy for you to fall back into old, bad habits or routines.
  • Replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy one! This is part of the reason I want you to consider something you need to STOP doing and what you should START doing in its place.

Wow! That was a lot! If you stayed with me clear to the end, you should be proud of how much you have accomplished! You’re well on your way to building a Christ-centered home!

For the next phase of our remodel, go to Part 2: Foundation! See you there!