Remodel Your Home: Building a Christ-Centered Foundation

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There has never been a more pressing time than now for us to create a Christ-centered home! Your home has so much potential to do good and bless the lives of all who live within its walls! Parents and children alike! Never underestimate the power of family! Creating a Christ-centered home is your greatest defense against the evils of this world.

Families are ordained of God.  You know family is important.  You know the only way to create a strong, unified family is to help them focus on Christ.  But how?  Where do you begin?

Over the next several posts, if you’ll stick with me, I want to walk you through what I like to think of as “Remodeling Your Home”.  Let’s take the framework you already have in place, and tweak it so that it’s functioning at 110%!

Warning: This is going to take effort on your part!  You’ll need to do the work prayerfully to make your home the beautiful masterpiece God intends for it to be!

Just so you have an idea where we’re headed…Here’s the line up!

Build Your Foundation on Jesus Christ

What Purpose Does a Foundation Serve?

When building a home, placing a strong foundation is one of your first steps. It’s also your most important step. Its very purpose is to bear the weight of the house and keep it upright. A foundation that is strong will keep those within your home safe from natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, and strong winds.

When a foundation is cracked or shifts, the result can be significant. Since your entire home is built on that foundation, even a slight shift could impact walls, stairs, and even the roof. Water can leak in through those cracks and cause serious damage.

Let’s Recap! A foundation…

  • Holds and distributes the weight of the structure.
  • Holds and keeps the structure above it together.
  • Keeps water and soil out.

Types of Foundations

Did you know there are various types of foundations you can choose from when building your home? Slab, crawlspace, and basement foundations are your typical choices when building a home. And each one has it’s pros and cons.

Where is she going with this?

Here’s my point. Man-made foundations are NOT perfect. Even the strongest foundations will, with time, eventually crack and shift. They’re susceptible to flooding , settlement, and even upheaval.

Your spiritual foundation for your home CANNOT be something man-made! If it is, it will eventually fail and the very integrity of your home is susceptible! The only foundation that will endure the storms and trials of this life, is our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Why You Must Build Your Foundation on Christ

When Christ becomes the foundation of your home, you allow Him to be the foundation of your family. This means, when you make Christ the very foundation of your home, each individual relationship in your family becomes stronger!

Christ taught (Matthew 7:24-27) about the wise man and the foolish man. The wise man chose to build his house on the rock and the foolish man built his house house on the sand. When the rain and floods came, the house on the rock stood firm and strong while the house on the sand washed away.

This analogy applies to your spiritual foundation for your home! Take some time to mull this over. Look at what’s happening all around you today! The storms and floods both literally and spiritually speaking are rampant and aren’t letting up any time soon!

NOTE: It is not enough to simply make Christ your foundation. Your home must be anchored, or bolted in, to its foundation. If it is not, then along with the natural, ever-changing forces, your home will be swept away!

Now more than ever your home needs a strong foundation and must be securely fastened to that foundation. Your Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only one who can offer complete protection.

There is no more time to waste! If you want your family to be protected from the dangers and storms of this world, your home needs to stand as a fortress on a foundation that cannot break!

How You Can Build Your Foundation on Christ

The time to take action and build your strong foundation is now!

I don’t want you to read this post and simply agree with me. I want you to ask yourself “How will I help my family build our home’s foundation on Christ?

Again, I can’t tell you exactly what YOU personally or your family needs to do, but I can offer some suggestions!

Steps For Building Your Foundation on Jesus Christ

Assess your current foundation.

Just like you would inspect a home for cracks, leaks, mold, crooked doors, etc…you must inspect your life for any sign of weakness. These signs indicate whether or not your foundation needs repairs.

To determine what kind of foundation you’re built on, you might ask yourself:

  • What values do you uphold in your home?
  • How is your current relationship with Christ?
  • What do you consider to be your “spiritual anchors”? Or what principles of the Gospel will hold your family together?
  • What will help myself and my family, spiritually and emotionally, to stand strong in faith when difficulties come?
And if you think you’re good…

Ask yourself “what can I do to strengthen my foundation?” Your Savior is perfect, but unfortunately you are not. This requires you to regularly reassess what your foundation is made of and to make repairs when necessary!

Here are some ideas to get the “Foundation Juices” flowing!
  • Focus on increasing your Faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement.
  • Scripture study (Both personal and as a family)… to learn about the Savior.
  • Prayer (Again…Personal and as a family)…to communicate with God.
  • Service…to live your life as the Savior lives.

Set Goals and Actively Build Your Foundation on Christ

Now that you’ve had an opportunity to reflect on your “foundation”, it’s time to get to work. So here’s what I want you to do next…

Write down every idea that comes to you!

This is the part where prayerful consideration comes into play. I want you to brainstorm ways that you can strengthen the foundation of your Christ-centered home.

Remember…you’re brainstorming here! So don’t think twice about ideas as they come. Write everything down! Use the questions above to help guide you. It helps to pray first so you can be guided in what specific changes you and your family should make.

Choose One to Two Goals!

While you might feel like everything you initially wrote down needs to be addressed, it will be overwhelming to try to “repair” EVERYTHING at once. So I want you to pick one or two items on that list that you feel are the most urgent, and make those items your focus.

For example, you might choose to begin with daily prayer and scripture study to increase your faith in Christ. You could set a goal to start daily family prayer. Once that becomes a habit, you can add in daily scripture study.

Create Daily Habits – Christ as Your Foundation is a Way of Life

Living the teachings of Jesus Christ is how you make Him your foundation. Your foundation is a way of life, not a one and done deal! Once you’ve established a habit, set another goal to implement another habit that will further strengthen your foundation.

Final Thoughts and a Verse to Leave You With

I was not surprised to find so many verses in the Bible that speak about Christ being our rock and our foundation. The scriptures teach us of the importance of living His doctrine so that we are built upon His rock. It’s no surprise that this life is challenging and uncertain. Did you know that it’s supposed to be hard? That this is a test of our faith? But there is hope, safety, and peace when we allow Christ to be the foundation in our lives and homes!

Here’s a reassuring verse from 1 Timothy 6:19:

Laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.

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