Teaching Our Children Christlike Values

How to Teach Your Children to Follow Christ

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately on the importance of teaching my children how to follow Christ. Our job as parents is a pretty awesome responsibility. When I think that God Himself is entrusting me with not one, but FIVE, of his precious children I feel so humbled and honored. I’m not anything special…why would God trust me with His special children? Why me? The task can feel so daunting that at times I’m honestly afraid I won’t succeed.

How to Teach Your Child to Follow Christ

Friends, I’m here to tell you that we are given our families for a reason. And that includes each and every child that comes to your home! Family is truly part of Heavenly Father’s plan for us to become like Him! There is no better way for us to learn and GROW than through family life. Our children teach us so much! They deepen and enrich our understanding of God’s love.

If we humbly accept the challenge to guide God’s children in love and light, He will help us rise to the calling. We learn and grow and become better each day as we truly strive to seek His guidance for His precious children.

Teach your children to follow Christ
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I’ve learned that I am not alone in raising my children. Yes, I have my husband to help me, but he isn’t whom I speak of. If it were my husband and I left alone to guide these children, I would still feel completely and hopelessly alone.

That’s not to say my husband doesn’t help…he certainly does! But I need the Lord’s guidance and direction for each individual child in my family or neither of us, even together, no matter how hard we try, will ever succeed! So I’ve put a lot of thought into how I should go about teaching my children about their Savior.

The 6 B’s

About 20 years ago the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, President Gordon B. Hinkley, spoke to the youth. He highlighted six “B” attributes that he hoped they would strive to develop. I remember listening to his talk when I was in high school. It was powerful! And man do I feel old!

No matter your faith, these six B’s are inspired and should be taught to your children! Developing and living these 6 attributes will help you grow closer to God and stay on the right path throughout your life. You can read his talk here for the full context!

1. Be Grateful

People who are grateful just seem to be happier, don’t they!? I found a fun article on Forbes that addresses all the benefits of being a grateful person. From improved relationships to better physical health and self-esteem, being grateful is just an all-around better way to live. So let’s make it a point to count our blessings; especially, the blessing of our Savior!

2. Be Smart

I don’t know about you, but I want my children to LOVE learning! I want them to develop the mindset that learning is something that should be happening daily, whether you’re enrolled in school or not! Knowledge is key! God is all-knowing and wants us to learn as much as we can throughout our lives.

3. Be Clean

Be clean. Yes, please take a shower…but this also means being clean in our minds and hearts. Be careful what media you allow into your home. The goal is to keep the dirtiness of the world out of our homes and out of our minds. Our homes should be a sanctuary from worldliness. To do this, we must be proactively filling our minds with positive and uplifting thoughts.

4. Be True

Be true. Be loyal. Be faithful to your God. True understanding of the gospel of Christ will only increase our loyalty to and faith in Him. You’ve learned right from wrong. Choose the right!

5. Be Humble

To be humble is to be teachable. You recognize that you don’t have all the answers and are willing to follow God’s will.

6. Be Prayerful

How amazing is it that you can pray to your Father in Heaven and that He hears and answers?! The best part about teaching your children to pray is that you are also teaching them that they are a child of God. He loves them and wants only the best for them. Pray often and about anything, any time, and anywhere and you will be heard.

Teach Your Children to Follow Christ

When you teach your children to be grateful, smart, clean, true, humble, and prayerful, you are teaching them the path to follow Christ. It is such an honor and privilege to teach these special sons and daughters of God. Let’s teach them to follow Christ the best way possible, through example. Every good parent knows that in the end…It’s the parents who truly learn the most.

Inspired by The 6 B’s given to youth on Nov 2000 by President Hinkley of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

I made this graphic to display in my own home to remind myself and my children of the values we strive to live daily. Please feel free to print it out to use in your own home. And please pass this message along to anyone you feel made need this today!