You Were Born to Create

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I recently attended a women’s conference and learned a life-changing truth.  The woman speaking said, “You were born to Create.”  I’ve never considered myself as the creative type.  I’d love to have a little artistic ability, but unless you count drawing stick figures art…then I’m not really creative.  Or am I?  It’s easy to believe this statement applies to someone else…anyone else really.  But not me.  The truth is God, the Creator of this world, is your Father.  He’s my Father.  You and I have inherited this beautiful attribute of creation.  

This truth doesn’t only pertain to artistic women or women involved in the performing arts.  These beautiful talents are a gift and should certainly be treated as such.  However, I wish to speak to the woman who feels like this statement doesn’t apply to her.  That she isn’t talented with music, dance, drawing, or painting.  You were born to create.  YOU were born to create.  Yes, YOU!  You might be thinking, “Create what, though?  I don’t have an artistic bone in my body!”

You are unique.  You are different.  There is only one of you.  And your Father, your Creator, made YOU.  Amidst all your perfectly imperfectness, you innately inherited the talent of creation.  There is beauty and joy in creating.

Here are some ideas if you’re needing some inspiration:

  • Creating Family Systems (running an orderly home)

  • Gardening

  • Creating Peace and a Feeling of Love and Belonging within your home

  • Writing!  Beautiful, powerful words.  Writing communicates wisdom for your family and posterity to come! This includes journaling!

  • **Creating life as a partner with God!  Each child is a product of creation.  Leading and Guiding your children and teaching them to Come to Christ is a form of creation.  Creating a learning environment within your home.  Creating a relationship with each child and your spouse where they feel loved and can seek guidance and direction in their own life.  Creating patterns of daily living that instill “Holy Habits and Righteous Routines”.

Sisters and dearest daughters of a most Holy King!  How needed you are in this world!  What a beautiful power and influence you have to change the very lives of all of those around you.  How needed you are to be a leader in your family and home.  

How great a blessing it is that our Heavenly Father has placed us in family units.  Sure, family can present its difficulty and challenges and there isn’t a single family on the earth that is perfect.  But family is where growth and beauty happen.  It’s where we become more Christlike. Women, you were called to be a righteous leader and contributor in your home.  Even, a creator!  I dare you to Create something.  Get messy.  Get outside and down on your hands and knees and out in the very trenches.  Create something beautiful.  It can be something tangible.  But sometimes, I believe your most beautiful creation will be something more abstract.  It will invaluable.  Your very creation is building the Kingdom of God on the Earth.  

Imagine with me a talented artist as she creates her painting.  She works in a small studio and before her is a large canvas. Her apron is messy and paint-splotched.  Paint streaks on the hardwood floor in various colors.  And, right at the center of it all, stands a woman before her unfinished masterpiece.  She wears a content smile on her paint-streaked face as she experiments with different colors and textures.  

This beautiful, talented woman is you.  Did you know that another word for “artist” is “Momma” or “Wife”?  Your home is your studio and your masterpiece is your home.  You create and build everyday in the small moments that you may even call “mundane”.  You can be at peace as you “create” because you know you have direction and guidance from a loving Heavenly Father.  He works along side you to create the most beautiful masterpiece of all.  He’s your mentor and cares very deeply about everything you’re creating.  As you work alongside Him, day in and day out, you’ll one day soon be able to look back in awe at the beautiful creation you have made.  You may see the flaws and mistakes in your painting, but you’ll also see how, with the Savior’s help, you were able to correct those flaws and turn them into something beautiful.  

I hope you can appreciate what I’m struggling to adequately express.  I hope you see yourself as a beautiful, creative woman who has inherited this divine attribute from God, your Heavenly Father.  Keep up the good work all you women out there!  Your beauty and creativity shines in more ways than you’ll ever know!